Pre-Op Anesthesia Instructions

Parent brushing infant's teeth

One of the great things about our practice is the possibility of same day anesthesia and surgery. This is an option for some patients and some dental procedures at the discretion of the surgeon. If the procedure is complex or significant medical problems exist, a consultation visit is required.

If you are a new patient and have made an appointment for a same day surgery, make sure you have a designated driver and/or escort and nothing to eat or drink 8 hours prior to surgery time. The only exception to this fasting rule is if you take any medications regularly. If this is the case, you are to take a few sips of water with your medications 2 hours prior.

If you are on any blood thinners it is imperative you disclose this at a consultation visit and speak to your prescribing physician about the management prior to any surgery date.

Every patient is unique, and we are committed to providing you with the highest quality oral surgical care based on your individual needs. Above all else, we want to make your visit to our office a pleasant experience.

Please Follow the Instructions Below:

  • Patient is to have nothing to eat or drink for 8 hours prior to surgery.
  • If you take morning medications you may take them with a sip of water 2 hours prior to surgery.
  • You must have a driver and/or escort to drive you home after the surgery.
  • If you are on any blood thinner it is imperative that you speak to your prescribing physician about the management and that you fully disclose this information.
  • Please wear casual clothes, comfortable closed toe shoes, and no excessive jewelry.
  • If you have long hair please be prepared to pull it back for surgery.

Failure to follow these instructions can be life threatening!